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Horizontal Tools

Super X Retrievable Bridge & Frac Plug

  • Normally electric wireline set using industry standard setting tools.
  • Capable of pump down with perforating guns.
  • May also be deployed on jointed or coiled tubing using a hydraulic setting tool.
  • Design allows multiple plugs to be retrieved in one run.
  • The top element design keeps critical components clear of debris.
  • Incorporates an internal bypass system during release.
  • Unique external design allows for quick wireline trip time.
  • Retrieved on tubing using a pulling tool which engages automatically on external retrieving threads with set down weight.
  • 10,000-psi pressure rating from above and below.
  • A patented heal-notch slip spring provides for slip stability.

ORIO™ III Hydro Port

  • Equipped with a rupture disc which allows for pressure testing of the casing in excess of 15,000-psi.
  • No moving parts on either the inside or outside of the valve. This is achieved with a unique patented inner piston design.
  • The design incorporates dual rupture disks phased 180 degrees apart.
  • The opening piston is hydraulically balanced while running in the hole. Once the rupture disc has burst and the shear screws sheared, hydrostatic pressure continues to drive the sleeve fully open and maintains it there, by acting against an atmospheric chamber, allowing maximum fl ow area throughout.
  • Shouldered connections allow rotation while running in the hole or during cementing.
  • Temperature Rating 350°F.
  • Rupture Disc ratings up to 18,000-psi.

ProDrill® Velocity™ Fast-Drillout Composite Plug

  • Lowers costs and time to complete, up to a 65% reduction in drillout times over traditional composite plug designs 
  • Minimizes risk and drillout time, with a 50% reduction in length and a 50% reduction in weight of material to be drilled and circulated out of the hole 
  • Decreases time and water consumption since the symmetrical lightweight design allows more efficient horizontal pumpdown operations 
  • Mitigates risk with a simple one-slip, set-from-bottom, compression-set design, which withstands debris impacts  
  • Optimized one-slip design reduces particle size and material to circulate out of hole 
  • Compression-set design eliminates critical components from being put in tension during the setting sequence and keeps the plug in the locked position during and after fracturing
  • Bottom-set, anti-preset configuration mitigates impacts during pumpdown operations
  • Recessed ball seat keeps ball from spinning during drillout
  • Unique plug configuration that shortens in the set position, reduces amount of material to drill and circulate out of the well 

Latch Collar

  • Drillable with all types of bits.
  • Compatible with stimulation and liner hanger products.
  • Isolation cement from drilling/stimulating fluids during displacement for improved cementing.
  • Positive seal in latch collar indicating fluid displacement & casing integrity.
  • Clean casing I.D. behind cement.
  • Aluminum core plug and latch for ease in drillout.

Cement Wiper Plug II

  • Compatible with frac and liner hanger products.
  • Isolates cement from drilling/frac fluids during displacement for improved cementing.
  • Positive soal in latch collar indicating fluid displacement & casing integrity.
  • Cleans casing I.D. behind cement.

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