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Service Tools

Type 10-20 Hydraulic Setting Tool

  • Run on drill pipe, tubing or endless tubing
  • By-pass may be run open or closed
  • Pressure stages may be added or removed depending on setting pressure generated
  • Running string may be drained or closed after setting

Selective Treating Assembly

  • Can be dressed to straddle any length of perforation interval.
  • Large by-pass allows ease of running and retrieving.
  • Use of a rotational circulation valve above it allow fluid spotting when treating and draining when retrieving.
  • Standard materials are used but special material is available on request.

SC Unloader

  • Rugged heavy duty collet allows repeated use.
  • Large by-pass area.
  • Simple operation-tension to close, compression to open.
  • Full bore I.D. matching the tension packer.
  • Remains open when running or retrieving thus minimizing swabbing tendencies.

TS-U Spring Loaded Retrieving Tool

Used with the TS-U Retrievable Bridge Plug. The spring loaded design minimizes the possibility of the bridge plug coming free during running and retrieving. The strong compression spring keeps the bridge plug J- pins securely locked in the retrieving tool jay until sufficient weight collapses the spring allowing the retrieving tool to be removed. 

HD Compression Packer

  • Tubing connections are standard on the full-bore mandrel.
  • Pressure-balanced mandrel hold-downs counteract pressure from below.
  • Set by a quarter turn at the packer and released by picking up.
  • Can be dressed with carbide slips and hold down buttons for long life.
  • The large-diameter hold-down buttons reduce casing damage.

32A Tension Set Packer

  • Set by tension, released by compression.
  • Bidirectional slips allow it to hold pressure from above or below.
  • Rugged heavy duty construction allows multiple setting cycles in a single trip.
  • Emergency safety joint release allows circulation above the slips.
  • Available in left or right hand set.
  • Full opening design.
  • Available with premium elastomers and construction material upon special order.

TSW Bridge Plug

  • Suitable for use at any depth.
  • Standard tool is set and released by a 1/4 turn to the right and pipe reciprocation.
  • Other J-slot configurations are available.
  • Large by-pass area to prevent swabbing.
  • The pressure across the tool is equalized before unsetting.
  • Available in electric line set version.
  • An emergency shear release mechanism is part of the design.

Super X Retrievable Bridge & Frac Plug

Designed for use in multi-zone stimulations where fracing down the casing is desired. It is typically set on electric line using industry standard setting tools, but can also be deployed on coiled or jointed tubing using a hydraulic setting tool. The plug is retrieved using a pulling tool run on tubing and multiple quantities can be pulled in a single trip provided each plug is installed with a retrieving tool below it. The plug can be supplied with a puncture disk, drop ball or trapped ball, facilitating equalization and multiple plug retrieval. Patent Pending U.S. Patent # 6,942,039 & # 7,082,991. 

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